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Russian Empire

"Awarding arms of the portraits of Russian officers", volume 2.

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47 $

the Continuation of a unique collection of photos, which depict officers with the award weapons. Gold and George weapons, Anninsky sabers, daggers and Tumski and their owners - the real heroes of the time - all this can be seen on the pages of the new book prepared EO Boldyreva in cooperation with many collectors of old photographs of our country. Besides the photos will be shown the original award sabers, swords and daggers, as accurately illustrate the weapons on the photo officer. The edition will be only (!!!) 500 copies, volume 220 p. Tentative date published mid July 2014. Price is valid only at the time of pre-order. To pay for the book before its release is NOT necessary.


P.S. Edition of the first volume was sold for 2 months. Please do not delay with posting pre-order, so that the book was guaranteed guaranteed reserved for You. If you need more volume 1, leave a request with us in the course of a month, you may be 3-5 books.

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